Gearshift Productions is a vertically integrated video production company focusing on Commercials, Corporate Communications and Online Content. Our Driver™ process allows us to deliver a More Convincing Message to your customers. Our services include CreativeVideo ProductionEditingAnimation and Interactive.


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Shopkins/Shoppies: "Ultimate Party"


Gearshift Productions helped Moose Toys throw a huge Shopkins/Shoppies party!! I…

Shopkins: "World Vacation Europe"


The Shopkins/Shoppies are packed and ready for their big Europe trip! Gearshi…

Regal Academy

Regal Academy

Gearshift produced this commercial for Alpha toys to help launch their dolls who…

Little Live Pets: "Chick"

Little Live Pets:

Gearshift Productions has produced many Little Pets commercials for Moose Toys i…

Zoomer: Hedgiez

Zoomer: Hedgiez

Working with these furry little fellas was so much fun! Our purple and white wor…