BBOSS: "If You Leave Me"

This Music Video for BBOSS is one of Gearshift Production's favourite projects yet. The video follows the life of one man from birth to death and is shot from a birds eye view of his bed.

Every moment was planned out meticulously using pre-programmed cameras moves with a technodolly. Blocking, pacing and performance had to be on point to ensure smooth transitions from scene to scene. Behind the camera we were a well-oiled machine, orchestrating 26 actors (babies, children and adults), wardrobe changes, prosthetic makeup and set re-dressing at the speed of light. It made for a truly incredible one day shoot and a final product that is both beautiful in cinematography as well as story.

Director: Jordan Barker
Producer: Claire Young
DOP: Samy Inayeh
Client: BBOSS
Video Type: Music Video
Shoot Location: Pie in the Sky StudiosToronto