2221 Yonge: "Multi-Screen Vignettes"

In addition to conceptualizing, shooting and editing seven mini-documentaries detailing the people, places and craftsman of Montana Steele's condo development 2221 Yonge, we also developed a dynamic installation experience for the sales centre which leads guests past three videos walls featuring the mini-documentaries intercut with cinemagraphs (still photographs with motion elements) and transitional graphics to guide viewers from one screen to the next.

Above is a video simulation of the walk-through experience as well as the mini-documentaries for Elte and Quadrangle.

The seven unique videos featured:

  • Furniture and design store Elte (above)
  • Local eatery Grazie
  • Boutique clothing shop Canopy Blue
  • Premium Real Estate model producers Myles Burke Architectural Models
  • Renowned interior design firm Munge Leung
  • Celebrated Toronto architecture firm Quadrangle (above)
  • World-famous New York based architecture firm Pei Partnership Architects

Direction: Zac Reaney-Barker
Director of Photography: Greg Foad
Producer: Colleen Murphy
Agency: Montana Steele
Client: Tower Hill Developments
Video Type: Real Estate Presentation Centre, Online