Cool Maker: "Go Glam Nail Surprise"

7 sets, 4 girls, 2 cameras and 1.5 days. This whirlwind shoot for Go Glam really pushed the boundaries of what we can achieve with a solid plan and an incredibly hard working crew. We utilized every square inch of Pie in the Sky's largest studio for this ambitious creative. Art Direction dream team Chiara Purdy and Peri Greig designed 4 uniquely themed spaces for each of our leads and their nail styles, along with a tone-on-tone pink nail studio. Not to mention the addition of a photo booth set and custom tabletops for a B camera setup.

This next-level creative challenged us to come up with creative solutions at every turn. From the green screen archway extension on the main set, to the editorial technique that mimics an in-camera snap zoom. The day was meticulously scheduled to maximize our girls' time on set, incorporating a mid-day hair colour changeup for the full mermaid effect. You could find us all, crew and client alike, dancing with glee (and relief!) in video village during the last few shots of the day.

Director: Jordan Barker
Producer: Claire Young
DOP: Martin Wojtunik
Client: Spin Master
Video Type: Commercial
Shoot Location: Pie in the Sky Toronto