Dr. Dreadful - Series

For nearly three years we have collaborated with Spin Master producing a handful of sizzles, three broadcast commercials and one assembly video for the relaunch of the Dr. Dreadful products. The return of the gross-out goodness would inspire a new approach to marketing. What was effective in the 90's (the children watch-and-learn approach), was revamped with kids moving into the forefront of the action and getting their own hands dirty.

We handled everything from Zombie Brains to Alien Guts as we tackled all aspects of production from creative development to delivery.

Director: Jordan Barker
Producer: Zac Reaney-Barker
Director of Photography: Dylan MacLeod
Creative: Gearshift
Client: Spin Master Ltd.
Video Type: Broadcast Television Commercial & Instructional
Shoot Location: Toronto