Hatchimals: "Families"

This latest instalment of Hatchimals horeseplay was set in the newly envisioned "Hatchmosphere." A place where the custom vinyl rainbow never ends and copious cotton batting hides the baby stands. And we wouldn't have it any other way! We worked with our most trusted miniature set design team to (literally) elevate this set. With designer Brad Rothwell and creator Oxenham designs, we knew we'd be on cloud nine.

We had a lot of fun bringing these characters to life with stop motion trickery. A few scenes were particularly challenging. In the opening hatching scene, we created the 5 stages of "crack" for each unicorn egg so we could reset at each stage and avoid the mess and risk of hatching each one in place. With some creative masking, the characters look like they never left their eggs, even though we started that scene with an approved end frame.

Director: Jordan Barker
Producer: Claire Young
DOP: Martin Wojtunik
Client: Spin Master
Video Type: Commercial
Shoot Location: Pie in the Sky Toronto