Hatchimals: "Hatchibabies"

Gearshift Productions and Spin Master Toys have partnered once again! This time it's the big unveiling of the newest member of the Hatchimals family, Hatchibabies!

Gearshift's in-house Casting Director worked hard to find some of the most talented young actors in the Toronto area. Their sweet giggles and loving performances bring this spot to life and helped make our week long shoot at the Warehouse Event Venue a breeze. Our fantastical Hatchi-nursery set, designed by our Art Director, Dylan Juckes, left no small detail overlooked. It was complete with a life-sized egg pillow nest and tree swing.

Over the course of this shoot week, we produced 4 commercials for various stages of product release as well as 4 digital pieces titled "Tips & Tricks" for Youtube and retail websites.

Directors: Jordan Barker (TVC) & Zac Reaney-Barker (Digital)
Exec. Producer: Zac Reaney-Barker
Producer: Claire Young
DOP: Martin Wojtunik
Client: Spin Master Toys
Video Type: Commercial & Digital