Hatchimals: "Hatchtopia Life"

This spot is all about making the connection between the  Collector Plush and the Hatchtopia Life App. Our in-house animation team brought the virtual characters into our hero girl's reality (with swirls of sparkles of course). She strolled through the aisles discovering that her plush is a gateway to a whole virtual world. We animated and composited these scaled-up elements from the app into the Hatchimals store using 3D motion tracking and used HDRI capture to keep the lighting consistent.

We also had the exciting challenge of building a Hatchimals store. We were given hundreds of products to merchandise and had huge graphic signage printed in order to create this modular set. We've helped launch almost all the Hatchimals toys over the years but we were still surprised at the sheer scope of the brand and licensing!

Exec-Producer/Director: Jordan Barker
Producer: Zac Reaney-Barker
DOP: Ian Macmillan
Client: Spinmaster
Video Type: Commercial
Shoot Location: The Production Studio Toronto