Really Rad Robots: "Turbo Bot"

We were taken for a ride with the fast-talking, fast-moving Turbo Bot from Really Rad Robots. This commercial and accompanying How-To were shot on location at a Mississauga park. We cast a wide net to find 3 skilled actors who could impress us with their breakdance or skateboarding talents. Our hero skateboarder is really doing all the tricks on-camera, no stunt doubles on this one! You could often find our Director of Photography riding along on his own self-balancing hoverboard or Segway electric skates. We had all the toys on this shoot, with 2 cameras and the latest in gravity-defying tech.

Exec-Producer/Director: Zac Reaney-Barker
Producer: Claire Young
DOP: Simon Shohet
Client: Moose Toys
Video Type: Commercial & Instructional
Shoot Location: Mississauga