Rodeo Drive

We were in two places at once for this unique sales centre video directed by Jordan Barker. This was a VFX heavy project with all the compositing work done in-house. Using a green screen and a treadmill, we seamlessly transported our hero couple from the real Rodeo Drive in LA to Shops at Don Mills here in Toronto. The split-screen divides two cities that eventually merge in virtual renderings of the Rodeo Drive condo courtesy of our partners at Norm Li.  Set to the track "How You Like Me Now" by The Heavy, this video was all about the style and sophistication of living at Rodeo Drive. Rodeo Drive earned Lanterra the 2017 NAHB Gold Award for Best Presentation Centre.


Director: Jordan Barker
Producer: Claire Young
Agency: Montana Steele
Client: Lanterra Developments
Video Type: Sales Centre Video
Shoot Location: Toronto & Los Angeles