Sew Cool: Pattern Pop

We produced 2 commercials for Spinmaster's Cool Maker brands: Sew Cool and Pottery Cool. Art Director, Diana Kubista, beautifully designed a clean, bright and patterned DIY wonderland. The set really established the tone & aesthetic of the commercial, with pop colour accents in the wardrobe, set decoration and product. The metallic heart wallpaper also strategically ties in with the glamour of the new shimmery stickers.

One of the challenges on these shoots was capturing the myriad of creations that can be made with each kit. We had 2 units going simultaneously in order to get all the content we needed.

Both commercials are bookended with a fun 2D animated logo created by our friends (and neighbours!) at Rubber Pixel.


Director: Jordan Barker
Producer: Borga Dorter
Client: Spinmaster Ltd
Video Type: Broadcast Commercial
Shoot Location: Toronto