Shopkins: Chef Club

This season the theme for Shopkins/Shoppies is Chef Club.

This spot is a bit unique for the Shopkins/Shoppies world in that the commercials for both the Shopkins collectibles and Shoppies dolls are part of a single project. It provides a very unique challenge in that the scales of the two toys are quite different. We tried to overcome this with a lot of camera moves and by stacking the products in the frame.

We shot this project on the Z-Cam E1 mini camera system that allowed us to get right into the set with the toys and find some really fun angles. The entire set was approximately 24" x 36" and the miniature camera made it feel huge in the frame.


Director: Zac Reaney-Barker
Producer: Claire Young
Creative: WhirlyGig Creative
Client: Moose Toys
Video Type: Broadcast Commercial
Location: Toronto