Shopkins/Shoppies: "Ultimate Party"

Gearshift Productions helped Moose Toys throw a huge Shopkins/Shoppies party!! In these spots Gearshift shot with a micro camera in a tiny Shopkins party world. The camera allowed us to get right up close and personal with each Shopkin/Shoppie allowing their individual personalities to really shine though. Each Doll had their own tiny set as well as a shared set where they can be seen living it up with their fellow shopkins. Everything for this shoot was designed with Shopkins/Shoppies scale in mind, even their awesome stretch limo! Our hand models, puppeteer and crew had to do some tight maneuvering under and around the small set but they managed to really help bring this commercial to life and get the party started!


Director: Zac Reaney-Barker
Producer: Claire Young
Client: Moose
Video Type: Commercial
Shoot Location: Toronto