Super Wings

We were thrilled to be asked to help launch Auldey Toys' new line of Super Wings toys. The launch campaign featured 2 commercials for the large Transforming Chracters and the Airport Playset.

When shooting a commercial for a product based on an existing property (TV show, book, movie, etc.) it's very important that you leverage the existing look and feel but also bring something different to keep it fresh. With the production design on these spots it was important to take the aesthetic of the show and develop a world where the kids could play. Art Director Brad Rothwell used a mix of hand modelling and 3D printing to create our sets. We tried to keep the sets bright and fun but also simple and clean so the toys could shine.


Director/Producer: Zac Reaney-Barker
Agency: WhirlyGig Creative
Client: Auldey Toys
Video Type: Broadcast Commercial
Shoot Location: Toronto