Treasure X Aliens: "Ultimate Dissection"

Treasure X Aliens Ultimate Dissection was filmed over the course of a 3 day supershoot for 5 different Moose Toys brands. Naturally, this meant we had a lot of content to capture and needed an efficient game plan. This versatile set design was one of the earliest decisions we made. The custom miniature spaceship set was created to work for both Treasure X Aliens spots, with integrated LED lighting controlled by our Gaffer and his iPad. If we needed to switch between spots, we'd already be lit and it was easy to swap the overall colour theme inside the set. This allowed for a lot of freedom to schedule for other production considerations, like camera or hand talent, in order to find those much-needed efficiencies. Even the "space" seen out the back of the set is colour themed. The looped videos played on a computer monitor resting on the back of the set, supporting the illusion that the alien spacecraft was travelling through galaxies unknown.

Exec Producer/Director: Zac Reaney-Barker
Producer: Claire Young
DOP: Martin Wojtunik
Client: Moose
Creative: WhirlyGig Creative
Video Type: Commercial
Shoot Location: Pie in the Sky Toronto