Treasure X: "Fire vs Ice" Launch

We shot this explosive spot as part of a 3 day multi-shoot along with 4 other Moose Toys brands. With Treasure X: Fire vs Ice, the client wanted to focus on the distinction between the two teams that battle it out. Set designer, Brad Rothwell, created a world divided, visually separating each team's terrain with a volcano straddling the chasm between. We emphasized the element of surprise by featuring real product integrated into the top of the volcano. Streams of both fire & ice cascade down it, but it deliberately never erupts. Under-lit plexiglass was integrated into the set creating the illusion of glowing frozen ponds and pooling lava. We played with contrast and coloured light to further differentiate the worlds, adding drama and establishing that the battle was on.

Exec Producer/Director: Zac Reaney-Barker
Producer: Claire Young
DOP: Martin Wojtunik
Client: Moose
Creative: WhirlyGig Creative
Video Type: Commercial
Shoot Location: Pie in the Sky Toronto