Universal City: "Tower Three"

We faced a familiar challenge with this presentation centre video for Universal City. We are no strangers to advertising buildings that don't yet exist. This time, we did the architectural renderings in-house, creating virtual interior and exterior spaces that we then translated into a green screen studio. Planning and precise measurements are always key for shoots like this. Without them you may end up with an actor going through a wall or walking on water. In a studio without unlimited 360 degree green screen, we needed to plan shots to work within the confines of the space. We carefully mapped the virtual pool, lobby and suite onto the studio floor, sometimes flipping the geography to make it work. Without the luxury of a second shoot day, we also needed to shoot the lifestyle scenes in studio, borrowing backgrounds from stock footage.

Exec Producer/Director: Jordan Barker
Producer: Claire Young
Director of Photography: Ian Macmillan
Agency: Montana Steele
Client: Chestnut Hill
Shoot Type: Condo Presentation Centre
Shoot Location: Pie in the Sky Studios